Friday, 16 May 2008

Mr B's wins Independent Bookshop of the Year 2008!!

Woooohooo! We won 2008 Independent Bookshop of the Year at this year’s British Book Awards in Brighton last Tuesday night. The award is based on a mix of the votes of our wonderful customers, secret shopper scores and our submission document requiring us to explain every aspect of our business in 1000 words and was then judged by a panel of industry experts including Jacqueline Wilson. As we said when accepting it, this is our customers' trophy really so thank you to everyone for their loyal loyal custom without which we would be nothing but a lot of very full shelves in a backstreet in Bath.

Listen again to Mr B harping on about the nibbie on BBC Radio Bristol here (fastforward to around 5.45pm) and on BBC Radio Somerset here (fastforward to around 6.15pm). If only GWR Bath had a listen-again facility you could listen to him there too (bad luck, eh!).

Oh, and you can see and comment on what the Bath Chronicle had to say, right here


Wiola said...
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Wiola said...

Congratulations! If my life wasn't so totally immersed in equestrianism I would love to have a bookshop like yours :) I very much enjoy your newsletter too.
All the best for the future!

Ed said...

Well done Nick, Ju, Harvey, and Vlaska! I can't wait to indulge in a book spa!


smilingotter said...

Congratulations Mr B's! Books are the playground of the mind!

Domestically Challenged said...


Well deserved to all - especially Vlashka!

PS How is the 'purple monkey' coming along?

rose of academe said...

Richly deserved! There may be other independent book sellers in Bath - but there's only one Mr B's, and we love you!!!

moongoober said...

congratulations are in order i suppose if you like that whole winning thing. best indie UK shop sounds like it would be nice. i was going to enter as well but decided against it at the last minute. just didn't want to bother with it all, you know, especially the part where i would have to start up and run a UK-based independent bookshop. if it weren't for that one small, stupid, little detail you'd all be congratulating me right now i can tell ya that. sorta puts yer little victory in perspective now, doesn't it?
that's right! ha! !@#*&%!

Alan Summers said...

You guys know already how delighted I am for you! ;-)

What a super photograph of you guys, you can tell what it meant to you.

I can't believe how hard you all work. Great poetry launch the other day, with Carrie Etter, Richard Lambert and Emily Dening!

all my best,

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pouch said...

Congratulations! I remember when your shop opened in Bath and look how far you've come!
I hope you continue to show that you don't have to be a large multi-national book seller to succeed in this business :)