Sunday, 2 August 2009

Twitter and Shelfari and Leah

Embarassing lack of blogs recently on this so-called blog of bloggy delights. Blog of not much going on more like. 

Well we've got an excuse or two:

Here's the main one. That's Leah B, now 2 months old and already finished 4 of the 6 Jane Austen novels of course. Although she found them a bit fussy and intends to try something 

Another one is that we've been playing a bit on twitter. If you're not already following our twitrevues and other musings and chat with author types on twitter then get in amongst it now by going to 

Another thing we just came across was which lets you put up piccies of your books and reviews and what not. We're going to add stuff we read or want to read on that too. There's a widget to our first few shelfari books on the side bar of our blog...see it?....go down a bit...there you go. Just a few recent great reads so far.



Alan Summers said...

And Leah and Mr B's get a mention from Antony Gormley's Fourth Plinth One and Other project in Trafalgar Square from me with an important word from Nic! ;-)

Alan’s Fourth Plinth webpage

Thanks Nic, and it was a pleasure to let people know about Mr B's!

Here's a bit more from me about my Fourth Plinth slot:

Alan's BBC interview

Helena Halme said...

I found your blog by chance having visited your wonderful shop today (I'm the Finnish woman rambling on about writing, Scandinavia and everything else). Must find you on Twitter, I'm such an addict.

Would love it if you had a quick look at my blog.