Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kate's Reading Challenge 2010: Book Four

No. 4. 'Trespass' by Rose Tremain
(Chatto & Windus, 2010)

One of the many perks of working at Mr B's is the abundance of shiny proofs that we receive before books officially hit the shelves. As the brilliant 'Restoration' is one of my favourite books, I was particularly excited to spot the new Rose Tremain amongst the latest arrivals.

Tremain's latest is set amongst the mysterious winding landscapes of the Cevennes in Southern France where Aramon - an alcoholic haunted by a violent past - is trying to sell his beautiful but neglected farmhouse the Mas Lunel. The family home for generations, the Mas Lunel boasts a wealth of family history, brilliant views and the luxury of complete peace and isolation...apart from a small modern bungalow on the edges of the farmland owned by Aramon's siter Audrun.

When Antony Verey a flailing antiques dealer from London comes to France to visit his adoring sister Veronica he decides a fresh start in the Cevennes may be the key to his revival and lets his imagination run wild as he dreams of pool houses, guest rooms and acres and acres of precious space. As the lives of the two pairs of siblings collide a tragic story unfolds.

A really disconcerting and (as we've come to expect of Tremain) wonderfully executed novel. I can't say that 'Trespass' surpassed the lofty heights of 'Restoration' but I can't wait to hear her talk about this novel at the Bath Literature Festival, and it's most definitely worth reading!

Started: 3rd February Finished: 8th February

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