Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mr B's Reading Year 2010 - Book 2 - The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

So my own slackness at blogging my year of reading the "books that you'd expect a bookshop owner to have already read" has been pitiful. I plead only two things (a) the behemoth of a time-swallower that is the Bath Literature Festival and (b) the ploddiness of my third book of the year, about which more shortly.

Before I get onto moaning about Book 3, I should quickly comment on Dorian Gray which was my second book of the year back in early February when my Literature Festival spreadsheet was but a twinkle in my laptop's eye.

To be honest I didn't really enjoy Dorian Gray. By choosing it I'd already broken one of my intended rules which was to concentrate on classics by authors that I had never read. I actually read and, as far as I can remember, thoroughly enjoyed "The Importance of Being Earnest" at school, and so I was pretty hopeful for Dorian Gray. But I found that once I'd chuckled along to a few dozen pages of ascerbic social comedy I started to dread having to wade through another 200 pages of it.

Towards the end I did warm to the plot itself and began to actually enjoy reading it rather than just looking out for clever bits of Wilde's wordsmithery that have since become standard put-downs. But by then I was pretty much as listless as the characters.

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Nellie said...

Ah, oh dear. Dorian Gray is next on my "to be read pile"... perhaps I'll cheat and skip it in favour of something else!

Are you including children's classics too?