Monday, 2 March 2009

Jika Jika. That's coffee to you or me.

Thanks, Mr B.

Sam Reader here, back on the digital ivories. Just a swift tinkle before I post my concerto later tonight.

It's time for a snackerel, I reckon. If you like your coffee, it's worth checking out Jika Jika in the Festival Hub run by Bath's very own Matt Stevens. As a precursor to the grand opening of the cafe in late Spring 09 (Stevens and business partner Lee Mears are awaiting the final touches to their renovated premises on Princes Buildings), Jika Jika is offering a snappy little coffee right at the heart of Bath LitFest.

I caught up with Matt yesterday. "We're passionate about a high quality product," he told me, "and we think Bath deserves an alternative to the High Street chain cafes." Independent retail rather than the big homogenous chains? Yes, a fine idea. And the coffee's pretty darn good. Mr B's staff all highly recommend the brownies.

Has he taken any time out to enjoy the Festival? Only to see Jonathon Coe. "I loved The Rotters' Club," Stevens told me, "but he didn't talk about it!" C'est la vie, uh.

Back to it then, dear friends. Speak later.

Sam 'The Uncommon' Reader

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