Friday, 6 March 2009

Longest Line in Guildhall History (and still time for some family advice)

Mr B dropping in to report that the signing line for Alexander McCall-Smith was eventually completed with every customer trotting into the night gleefully clasping their new signed books.

The longest signing line in Guildhall History I overheard one official saying, but the incredibly charming Mr McCall-Smith still had time and energy to sign a mighty pile of them for the Mr B's festival shop for anyone who wasn't able to wait in line.

And even after he completed that Kilimanjaroesque pile of signing, he was still keen to stick around for a brief chit chat about books, bookshops and all sorts, which resulted in me going away with some top tips for my impending fatherhood in May. The sound advice from one of Britain's most popular and prolific novelists is to be there, to enjoy every moment, to cry buckets once it's all over but to stay firmly at the top end of the bed throughout. That sounds infinitely sensible if you ask me.

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